Everything To Know About Pure Ghee


From the standard dal and khichdi to halwas and chapatis, ghee has always been a staple product in the kitchens of most Indian households. According to Ayurveda’s, ghee is one of the most treasured foods as it possesses incredible healing properties for humans. In fact, according to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, replacing ghee with refined oils has been one of the biggest mistakes in modern cooking practices. She says, “Ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins, which aid weight loss. Ghee also plays a key role in balancing hormones and maintaining healthy cholesterol. Ghee also has a high heat point, which prevents it from producing free radicals that damage cell function.” 

Pure desi ghee is made from cow’s milk and contains a high volume of omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamin A. Due to this; there are multiple benefits associated with the consumption of pure ghee. Given below are some of the most prominent advantages of pure desi ghee. 

The Benefits of Consuming Pure Desi Ghee 

Keeps You Warm From Within 

Pure desi ghee plays a significant role in braving the India winters. The Ayurveda states that consuming ghee helps the human body stay warm from within, thereby combating the cold winter air. It’s probably due to this reason that most Indians consume food items like gajar ka halwa, mong dal halwa, pinni, and panjeeri, during winters as the main ingredient in these food items is ghee. 


Keeps Your Nose Unclogged 

There is nothing more unpleasant than a clogged nose when you’re suffering from a cold. Not only do you face difficulty while breathing, but your sense of taste is hampered along with a blasting headache and exhaustion. While multiple medicines and drops are available on the market, Ayurveda recommends a simple home remedy that can open up your clogged nose and let you take a breath of relief. Called the Nyasa treatment, all you need to do is pour a few drops of warm pure cow ghee into your nostrils first thing in the morning. 

Keeps You Energized 

As it contains medium and short-chain fatty acids, like lauric acid, which is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance, ghee is an excellent source of energy. It is due to this reason that to-be mothers are served ladoos that are loaded with pure cow ghee, which gives them some much-needed energy during their pregnancy.


While pure cow ghee has multiple benefits, there are several cases of adulteration of ghee that could affect your health negatively. For example, rancid ghee, also known as vanaspati, is sold in the name of ghee as it has a similar color and texture. So, if you’re ever unsure about the quality of the ghee you are consuming, here are some simple DIY methods that you can use to test the purity of the ghee. 

Testing The Purity of Ghee 

The Heat Test 

This test is straightforward yet highly effective. All you need to do is heat a teaspoon of ghee in a vessel. If the ghee melts almost immediately while turning into a dark brownish color, then the ghee is of pure quality. However, if the ghee takes time to melt and turns into a light yellow color, it’s best to avoid that product. 

Double-Boiler Method Check 

To save on production cost, some manufacturers mix coconut oil in ghee to increase its quantity. Hence, to check if the ghee has traces of coconut oil, melt the ghee in a glass jar using the double-boiler method. After it melts, place the jar in the fridge for a little while till the liquid solidifies. If the ghee is mixed with coconut oil, the two will solidify in different layers, giving you a heads-up of its adulteration.

The Iodine Test 

Another product that is commonly mixed in ghee is starch. To identify if the ghee has been tampered with, add two drops of iodine solution to a small quantity of melted ghee. If the iodine becomes purple, it is a clear indication that the ghee has been mixed with starch and should be avoided. If it does indeed turn out that the ghee you have is not pure, you should most likely change your vendor.  

Choose The Right Vendor For Pure Cow Ghee 

To take advantage of all of pure cow ghee’s benefits, you must ensure that the vendor from whom you are purchasing the ghee is reliable and focuses on providing ghee in its purest form. Coast Extract is one such vendor that provides ghee that can help you replenish your body, maintain a youthful experience, rejuvenate your mind, and aid in vitality. You can avail your bottle of pure goodness in the form of pure ghee here