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10 Reasons To Shop Local and Support Farmers (Part 2)

Right from consuming fresh produce, to meeting the people who grow the food that you consume, there are multiple reasons why you should shop local and support farmers. In our previous blog, we highlighted five such reasons. In this article, we are back with five more! 6. Get The Privilege of Variety  By purchasing from farmers, you get a host of different products that aren’t generally available in the supermarket. Hence, buying from farmers is an excellent opportunity to savor the biodiversity of our planet. 7. Promote Humane Treatment of Animals  When it comes to farmers, all the products produced by animals, like meat, cheese, etc., are obtained without the use of hormones or antibiotics. These animals have matured naturally...

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10 Reasons To Shop Local and Support Farmers (Part 1)

In today’s day and age, our community is filled with commercialized stores that are filled with products that are shipped from some mysterious location, and natural, cruelty-free products are hard to find. Food is supposed to healthy and lifts your spirits, but waiting in a long line for tinned food close to its expiration date is undoubtedly far from health or happiness. If you, too, are tired of this routine, you should give local produce from farmers a shot! But, most people don’t like to go that extra length as they don’t know where to find these farmers or which product is natural. At Coastt-Extract, we make it easy for you to obtain local produce and support the farmers as...

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