10 Reasons To Shop Local and Support Farmers (Part 2)

Right from consuming fresh produce, to meeting the people who grow the food that you consume, there are multiple reasons why you should shop local and support farmers. In our previous blog, we highlighted five such reasons. In this article, we are back with five more!

6. Get The Privilege of Variety

 By purchasing from farmers, you get a host of different products that aren’t generally available in the supermarket. Hence, buying from farmers is an excellent opportunity to savor the biodiversity of our planet.

7. Promote Humane Treatment of Animals

 When it comes to farmers, all the products produced by animals, like meat, cheese, etc., are obtained without the use of hormones or antibiotics. These animals have matured naturally while grazing on green pastures and eating natural diets. They have been spared from the troubles that come with cramped and unnatural living conditions that animals stuck in feedlots and cages have to suffer from.

8. Buying local helps the local economy.

 When you buy from the local farmers, the money stays in the community and can be used for the development of the country. More jobs will be created, and the community will prosper! Hence, instead of sending your money out to global companies, it will have more value if you use it to help the farmers of the country prosper.

9. Get A Plethora of Information

At Coastt Extract, you also get a lot of information about what you can do with various food items and how you can use them in unique ways. Our farmers are passionate cooks and love to give plenty of advice about the benefits of food and how it is produced.

10. Save Money

 As you’re purchasing products directly from the source, i.e., farmers, the cost of the product is considerably reduced. This is because the middle man is cut, and the transaction takes place from producer to buyer directly.

So, there you have it! The top ten reasons why you should support your farmers and shop locally! At Coastt Extract, you can avail products directly from farmers at one simple click. Start shopping, show your support!